Nintendo looking to start cartoon series involving Pikmin

wiiu_pikmin3_030413_pad.0_cinema_960.0Nintendo has been keeping busy these days, what with pushing out the Wii U not too long ago and pumping out some pretty awesome titles for the 3DS. However, Shigeru Miyamoto has also been busy on another project of his involving one of his creations, which may result in the existence of an actual cartoon series based off of his Pikmin franchise.

Miyamoto has been personally overseeing the project, and the series is being considered to be available as a Nintendo download on the 3DS. If the series gets a lot of support from fans, then the company may charge for individual episodes. Miyamoto has said that he considers this a “fun side project.” The series is planned to be launched before the release of Pikmin 3 later this year.

Nintendo is working on the series in-house, with Miyamoto saying that he didn’t want to¬†license the franchise out to a third party studio, instead doing them in a style similar to four-panel comics that he used to draw in his younger days. Which is already setting it on the right path, considering how past attempts to bring their characters to life went over.



The first Pikmin episode hasn’t been aired publicly yet, but it already sounds like a more engaging prospect than the Angry Birds cartoon, which is set to air later this week on just about every device Rovio can shove it onto.


Source: Polygon

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