Man gets Netflix tattoo and gets free Netflix for a year?

netflix-tattooNow this is a bizarre story.

Apparently twitter users TheRealMyron is such a big fan of Netflix that he got it tattooed on the side of his stomach. He tweeted the photo above to the official Netfilx twitter account and was rewarded with a free year subscription.

@TheRealMyron@netflix put me on a commercial I love you guys
@Netflix: NO WAY! Free year for you, look for DM

@TheRealMyron: Netflix just made my year and gave me a free year I love it

@TheRealMyron: There is so many strangers in my mentions about this Netflix stuff lol they don’t understand the life

Everyone seems to be jumping on Mryon and bashing him for his tattoo. Personally, I won’t judge the man even if the tattoo is not that great. At least he got a free year of Netflix and he seems pretty genuine about his love for Netflix. So how could you hate on that?

Personally, I would have thought they would have gave him a lifetime subscription, but as Gizmodo pointed out could be worth $228 if they gave him the full 3-DVD Combo Package or just $96 for streaming. Maybe you think it’s not worth scaring your body. Doesn’t mean you’re better than Mryon it just means you are not about that Netflix life. *Throws up gang signs*

Iron-Man-3-Production-Image-Tony-Stark-Hall-of-Armor-570x378Really? Really, Myron? This is the Top? What was the Bottom, Blockbuster?

Source: Gizmodo


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