No Planet Hulk in Phase 3

Whaaaat?! Is pretty much what I said when I heard about this news. Apparently Marvel has absolutely no plans on bringing in the Planet Hulk saga within the 3rd Marvel phase of movies. As a gigantic Hulk fan, I was disappointed to have heard this from the lips of Joss Whedon himself. When asked about it, he simply stated:

“Well I’m really not supposed to comment, but no, that’s nonsense.” -Joss Whedon

If you don’t know what the Planet Hulk saga is, I suggest you go and purchase the graphic novel or Wikipedia it. It was one of the most iconic and engaging story lines for our angry green goliath. Ultimately in the end it made him a beloved king of his own planet. Although getting there was no easy task.


Hulk vs. The Silver Surfer (from Planet Hulk)

Marvel has denied speculations from the public before such as Thanos showing up in the Avengers movie and Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin. So whenever Marvel says “No”, I suggest we all just take that with a grain of salt since they really like to tickle our comic book fancies. Just think of Marvel as the awesome relative who says he’s not visiting you, but then shows up at your doorstep with a PS3 and 360 as a present for you. Stay posted for changes in this!

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