Looks like Yoda turned to the Dark Side


Last week during a Star Wars-themed hockey game, fans saw Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov accidentally had a different colored Yoda and lightsaber. Instead of Yoda being his normal green self and carrying his green lightsaber, he had a touch of red to him; only to add some Philly Flyers color to it. But it made it look like Yoda has turned to the Dark Side.

And of course after catching the error fans took arms (well, not really), but they did voice their opinion. They aren’t the only ones. Someone from Lucasfilm also got in touch with Equipment Manager and ask that the color match the Star Wars movies. If the colors are not changed, the helmet will not be allowed to be worn in later games.

So Franny Drummond, the man who painted the helmet, jumped on the helmet to match Yoda’s original colors as well as his lightsaber colors. And by Saturday, Yoda was back to his natural green as was his lightsaber.

I’m not really into hockey but when I saw this helmet I was blown away. This is a bad-ass helmet. On one side you have Darth Vader doing his daily Force Chokes, his trusty Stormtroopers, Imperial Class Star Destroyer, and finally the Death Star. The other side you see Yoda, R2D2, and an X-Wing. Check out the video below. This was taken before the repaint as you can see.

Photos courtesy of Franny Drummond:

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