Bit Trip Runner 2 – A crazy review

Ok so this week we’re taking a look at Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien for the Wii U.

It’s amazing what you can get for $15 these days; bright scenery and crisp graphics, an eclectic soundtrack, responsive controls, massive replayability, online scoreboards, a ton of unlockables, challenging as piss levels and of course, a story that belongs on a kids Saturday morning cartoon.

Looks like it was drawn by a kid too.

Looks like it was drawn by a kid too

You play as Commander Video, the leader of a group of heroes that include Super Meat Boy and Ms. Splosion Man, about to take down some guy named Timbletot when he blasts you with some kind of weird beam that sends you into another dimension, and you’ve got to get him out of there so he can get back into the fight!

So if you haven’t figured it out by now, this game belongs in the same category of hard-ass games such as Super Meat Boy and Ms. Splosion Man. You better wear a helmet or something, otherwise you’re going to tear your hair out over how ridiculously difficult it can get.

Granted you can adjust the difficulty, but that’s where most of its fun lies, in the challenge. there’s a new saying that I found and it’s kind of true, “old school games didn’t end, they just kept kicking your ass until you gave up.” It’s the same with this game. You just got to buckle down and kick its ass back.

So how does it play?

It’s an auto runner game, which means the character is always moving and all you have to do is react with the different commands such as jumping, shielding, kicking and so on. The controls are very responsive and easy to memorize, although in later levels you’ll sometimes confuse them, and since this is on the Wii U, you can play it on the gamepad and the graphics don’t get downgraded. Speaking of the graphics you have to love the cartoony style and feel of this game, especially in the 8-bit levels, however, after playing for a  while some of the colors bleed into each other, and you can end up making a ton of mistakes, at least in my case. By the way why would you make the gold bars the same color as the damn trees in the 8-bit mode?! Dumbasses!

Seriously, WTF!?

Seriously, WTF!?

The soundtrack in this game is okay, however when it comes to the gameplay being about “rhythm”, in other words playing to the rhythm of the music, I don’t feel it. I mean I can hear the different notes playing when I collect the items scattered through the level, but it never really feels like I’m playing to the music. Maybe it’s because of the fact that I’m so distracted by everything else, or maybe the choice of music that they used, but I never feel as if I’m playing to the rhythm of the soundtrack, especially during the boss fights.

There’s also a bejesus amount of extra content like extra characters, unlockable costumes, the 8-bit levels, and online scoreboards. However when it comes to the extra characters, it feels a little underwhelming, especially since Super Meat Boy had Commander Video, and the head crab from Half Life and one of the characters that you unlock in this game is a retarded anthropomorphic pickle.

The best part is that this game only cost a measly $15! For the amount of content that you get with this game, I say you definitely get your money’s worth!

Grade: B+

Pros: Cheap, Fun, Extraordinarily Challenging, has a ton of Unlockables and Replayability

Cons: If played on easy the game can be really short, extra characters aren’t that exciting save for the 8-bit Commander Video, colors can bleed if played excessively.

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