NIS America bringing Time and Eternity to the US this Summer

NIS America announced that Imageepoch’s Time and Eternity will be coming to North America shores this Summer. Released back in October 2012 in Japan, Time and Eternity is called the first HD Animation

Gaming Gems: Xenoblade Chronicles

There are some really rare games out there. Most of them are retro from the Nintendo days all the way up to the PlayStation 2. It’s not always easy to

NIS America releasing The Guided Fate Paradox this Fall for PS3

NIS America will be releasing another JRPG in their Fall lineup called The Guided Fate Paradox, or known in Japan as KamiPara developed by the Disgaea Team. The game is considered to be the

Disgaea Dimension 2: A Brighter Darkness coming this Fall

Anyone who knows me knows that one of my favorite series of RPGs is the Disgaea series. Since Atlus first released the NIS title back in 2003, I was instantly

Iron Man 3’s Mandarin character poster revealed

First it was Don Cheadle’s War Machine Iron Patriot poster, then came Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian poster. Next up comes Ben Kingsley as Tony Stark’s greatest and most infamous foe, The Mandarin. Everyone

The Black Diamond III review – The colorful Bluetooth speaker

Hello again. Time for another grand adventure tech review from yours truly. Today, we take a look at the Black Diamond 3, in a partnership with Yantouch and Acase. At

Nintendo Download – Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo for Wii U and 3DS

If there’s ever been a good time to check out the Monster series, it’s now. The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo has just been unleashed onto the 3DS and Wii

Suicide Girls: Hard Girls, Soft Light (hardcover review)

The term “model” has changed through the past couple of years and the SuicideGirls are a great example of that. If I asked you what your definition of a beautiful

NR Contest: TERA Rising Arkai Mask winners announced

We had a fun TERA Rising contest where the contestants get to name their favorite bird and why. I’ve got some amusing responses, but only three can win the Arkai

NR Contest: T-shirts signed by Kevin Smith winners and Comic Book Men pics

It’s time to announce the winners of the Comic Book Men contest, where five winners will be getting a  large t-shirt signed by Kevin Smith. But before we do that, I

Epic Katsucon 2013 video by Beat Down Boogie

Katsucon 2013 is a convention that celebrates Japanese culture, especially anime. And if a U.S. convention is celebrating Japanese culture, you can bet your ass that there will be plenty

Bungie’s Destiny to have exclusive content for PS4 & PS3

It’s funny to think that a Bungie game would be available on a Sony console. It’s also funny to think that a Bungie game would have exclusive contest just for

inFAMOUS: Second Son teases video for PS4

It looks like Cole MacGrath is taking a backseat with the announcement of inFAMOUS: Second Son. He’s being replaced by Delsin Rowe, a superhuman on the run from the Department

Kickstarter: mentalKase for iPhone 4/4s and 5

If you’re adventurous and crazy, but you’re afraid to bring your iPhone with you, mentalKase might be just the case for your phone. So what are the details on this?

‘Killzone Shadow Fall’ PS4 gameplay video

Killzone Shadow Fall was announced for the PlayStation 4 during the PlayStation Meeting 2013 conference. With that announcement, we were also shown gameplay footage showing off a beautiful futuristic city

A closer look at the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4

Love it or hate it, here’s a closer look at the PlayStation 4 controller, the DualShock 4. It’s just like the DualShock 3, except it comes with some new additional

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is heading to PS4

I’m looking forward to the PlayStation 4, but I’m not going to get one if the game lineup isn’t impressive. There are some games that I’m looking forward to for

Ubisoft’s Watch Dog gets new gameplay footage and will be available this year

Ubisoft went on stage for the PlayStation Meeting 2013 to showcase the hotly anticipated title, Watch Dogs. The coolest news is that we now know that the game will be

PlayStation Vita getting a new life with the PS4

When Sony released the PlayStation Vita last year fans were excited and hyped for the portable console that had so much promise. But like the original launch of the Nintendo

Blizzard set for PS4 and PS3

Blizzard set for PS4 and PS3