God of War: Ascension Super Bowl commercial

  With God of War: Ascension coming out in just over a month, this commercial nearly brought a tear to my eye. Such a sad commercial, and I feel much

Iron Man 3 Extended Look Super Bowl spot teases the Mandarin

With the Super Bowl just finishing and the season over, it’s now time to start thinking of the movie blockbusters coming out. The Extended Look Super Bowl spot of Iron

God of War: Ascension PS3 bundle

As Sony fanboys count down the weeks until the new God of War game comes out, they can now also pick up not just the God of War: Ascension game,

Play Arts Kai immortalizes Hideo Kojima with his own figure

How amazing would it be to see a franchise you helped create become immortalized? Well what about if you yourself were turned into a figure? I would be amazed. Square

Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl ad hits the net!

A lot of big trailers are scheduled to be released today during the big game, but you no longer have to wait for the new trailer for Star Trek Into

Official poster released for Fast and Furious 6

A few days ago, we reported that the new Fast and the Furious film would premiere the first trailer later today during the Super Bowl. Earlier this week, the official

Keri Russell possibly in Star Wars?

Keri Russell (Felicity, Mission Impossible III) sat down with TV Line and spoke about the possibility of joining JJ Abrams on Star Wars. Abrams and Russell have worked together on

Emily VanCamp cast as female lead in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

ABC’s Revenge star Emily VanCamp has been cast as the female lead in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. VanCamp and Marvel Studios are currently in negotiations for her role – which

Comic-Con tickets on sale February 16

On February 16th the sought-after San Diego Comic-Con tickets will be on sale. The sale will start at 9:00 AM PST. San Diego Comic-Con is the mecca for any comic

Exclusive: Interview with Kelly Hu on TMNT, Arrow, Surf Ninjas, Michael Bay and braces

Kelly Hu can be seen in many geek movies and TV shows including X-Men 2 as Lady Deathstrike and CW’s Arrow as China White. She’ll be playing Karai, a teenage

Ni No Kuni after-launch trailer sure to entice fence squatters

No, this isn’t a new Studio Ghibli movie. It’s Ni No Kuni, a PS3 exclusive JRPG that you should probably play, if reviewers are anything to go by (87 on

Nintendo Weekly Update – Fire Emblem: Awakening, Puddle, The Cave demo

The 3DS eShop is about to be trampled upon by Fire Emblem fans trying to procure their digital copies (February 4th). The demo is out, and based on that, it

Star Trek – There’s an app for that!

Paramount Digital Entertainment has released a Star Trek app called “Star Trek App” for the upcoming Trek movie: Star Trek Into Darkness. This was shown at CES 2013 but has

Doctor Who: Prisoner of Time comic is out!

I started reading the Doctor Who comics due to the Star Trek The Next Generation and Doctor Who mash up. A new Doctor Who (only) comic from IDW has come

Go, Go Power Rangers! We chat with the new team of Power Rangers Megaforce

This Saturday marks the next series in the Power Ranger franchise. Growing up as a teen I really enjoyed the original Power Ranger series. I watched it all the way

The Rock’s ‘got milk?’ Super Bowl commercial

We are only a mere few days away from Super Bowl XLVII, and already a few of the commercials are beginning to pop up online. Yesterday, two version of The Rock’s

Official synopsis for Fast and Furious 6 revealed

Time to get the band back together! The Fast Five official Facebook has been teasing for the past few days that we can expect to see the first trailer for

Video Game Donation Drive raises $225,744 for Breast Cancer

The past month was an exhilarating time for video games, particularly Fighting Game fans. The Evolution Champion Series recently held a donation drive for Breast Cancer that allows a variety of fighting game titles