Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate patch to remove NA/EU region-lock

wii_u_gamepad_-_white_1_mh3u_zinogre___r_.0_cinema_960.0As a response from public feedback about the fact that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is going to have region-locked online, Capcom announced that there will be a patch released shortly after the game’s launch that will allow cross-region play between NA and EU, allowing the two countries to get hip-checked by Plesioth together.

The patch is planned to be released in April on the Wii U, though no specific target has been revealed. The update will also enable players to use Off-TV play, allowing them to play using the Wii U’s controller tablet instead of on the television. Capcom has said that they also plan on supporting the game over the course of several months with free downloadable missions, the first of which will be available at launch.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is set for release March 19 in NA, and March 22 in EU for both the Wii U and 3DS. It will be available at both retail and as digital downloads.

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