Review: The Genius Gila, a monster among mice

Genius isn’t exactly a household name in the gaming peripherals department. Nonetheless, they have created a reputation for themselves quickly and with brutal force. The Gila, Genius’ new premiere gaming mouse lives up to its monstrous reptilian counterpart. This is one of the best mice I’ve used this year in almost every genre of PC gaming.

Specs: Price $99.995184_01_gx_gaming_gila_mmo_rts_professional_gaming_mouse_review

What this list doesn’t cover are things like the use of the Avago ADNS9800 laser sensor (which I was very happy to finally see), the fact that there is an SG Core II engine that controls the 12,000 FPS frame rate, 30Gs of acceleration, 150 IPS velocity, the 1-5mm LOD, or the fact that this mouse has a sleep mode. It also doesn’t cover the fact that there is 32KB of onboard memory to allow users to load six profiles and up to 72 Macros per profile, and take them with you even if you aren’t connecting the Gila to your own PC. It also doesn’t cover the fact that the Gila comes with Angle Snapping to try to smooth out jittery user movements into smooth tracking of enemies on the battlefield.

We’re left staring at this masterpiece of hardware, a marvel at a very reasonable price point.

Genius_GILA_HiRes_10-1024x1024 Genius_GILA_HiRes_06 Genius_GILA_HiRes_02 5184_02_gx_gaming_gila_mmo_rts_professional_gaming_mouse_review

For MMOs

I tested this baby out with TERA seeing as how it recently went free to play. With how easy it is to set up macros in the downloadable engine, I breezed through combat, was able to maneuver quicker, and use ability combinations I never even knew existed. Quickly this mouse shows how a player can gain an edge with the right piece of hardware.

Screenshot (22)

Macroing is extremely overlooked by many MMO gamers. Even some of the pros still prefer to key in every command. The Genius engine provides one of the most simple macro interfaces I’ve used to date. Within minutes I was able to macro entire 5-string combos quickly and efficiently, reducing the amount of skills i had on my bars, and thus opening up additional options for my character.


Black Ops 2 was the game of choice here. Be it Zombie or regular, the ability to instantly change your DPI proves time and time again to be invaluable. Although having an extra 8 buttons on your mouse isn’t the most useful, the Avago ADNS9800 was able to track my mouse movements quickly and efficiently. The extra weights were just enough to make it feel heavier so shots which most players would miss become the equivalent of stationary target practice.

Screenshot (23)

Fine tuning the mouse’s sensitivity through the engine also provided me with the perfect aim that many gamers crave. The ability to change between profiles was also extremely effective every time I decided to switch kits.


Starcraft 2. What else? Macroing unit and production sequences is painless, quick, and easy with the built in software. The ability to change between profiles also proved invaluable when playing different races. Being able to macro in different commands makes life so much easier in Starcraft. With one button I was able to select one or all buildings of a certain type and produce hotkeyed unit, which increased my play speed dramatically. Additionally macros can provide key elements when micromanaging skirmishes. I also love that my mouse can change its illumination based on which profile I choose.

Screenshot (21)


The Gila is aggressive, staring at you with its illuminated eyes. It’s edgy demeanor and composition give it one of the most intense looks of any mouse on the market. 6 Points of illumination may seem to be excessive, but they actually come together quite nicely to provide the Gila some life in what seems to be an elaborate design based on some form of arachnid wildlife. If I were to describe the Gila with a similar image, it would be something along the lines of this.


Flawless performance all around. I really have to hand it to the guys at Genius for this one. Having used almost every mouse on the market at one point or another, the Gila has become my go-to for mouse gaming. With everything I would need for a wide array of gaming, as well as awesome looks, illumination, and an engine which provides all necessary options, this mouse really deserves the perfect grade.

Grade: A+

On a side note, this mouse also looks beautiful when paired with the MSI GT70 Dragon Edition. Both the Illumination and color schemes flow together beautifully. Not to mention that many of the materials used in both devices feel extremely similar.

MSI-GT70_Dragon_edition_Photo-015s Genius_GILA_HiRes_02

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