Tomb Raider’s getting good reviews while Conan pervs out to Lara

Conan O'Brien Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider reboot is heading to store shelves next week, March 5th, and it is getting a lot of great reviews, especially from Conan O’Brien. He is a terrible gamer and pokes fun of games, but he thought it was an incredible game. It’s a great promotional tool to have a late night host play your game. As a gamer and fan of Tomb Raider, I thought this was the best Conan gaming review yet.

During the whole gaming session, Conan O’Brien really gets into the game. He gets offended when Lara swears and gets emotionally attached every time Lara dies (especially the part where she gets impaled through the neck over and over again). He literally screams when Lara is falling down and looks away when she gets impaled. Aaron Bleyaert, Conan’s web guy, tries to help but fails, leading Conan to get mad and hit him for killing Lara (So that whole talk about players wanting to “protecting” Lara is true). The majority of his gaming session consists of him perving out as Lara Croft climbs, walks, and breaks free from being bound. It’s funny to see him bemused while playing the game, like trying to teach your parents or grandparents the internet.

My favorite part was when Lara said, “I hate tombs,” and Conan replies back with, “Then don’t be a Tomb Raider.”

Gaming sites all around are praising the game for its graphics, presentation, story, and gameplay. Overall many reviewers agree that Lara is still kick-ass, but this time she’s more 3-dimensional. That’s one of the issues I had with the previous Tomb Raider games, since I never really felt attached to Lara. I love that we finally get to see how she becomes from being scared to being a hero. It also looks like the whole issue about the “attempted rape” was a non-issue, since many reviews barely touch on that topic, except for Destructoid.

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Edge Magazine

Whether she’s huddled up against the cold or sending five men to their doom with an explosive arrow, this is still Lara Croft, one of gaming’s most distinctive heroes – and now she has a personality that extends far beyond the bounds of her bra straps. If the purpose of a reboot is to redefine a character and set them up for the future, then this is a job well done.

Official Xbox Magazine UK

An excellent game that, while paying tribute to Lara Croft’s heritage, certainly feels like a new beginning – mechanically as well as thematically. It’s visually dazzling, narratively affecting, dangerously near best-in-class when it comes to solid shooting, vertiginous platforming and ballsy set plays… and bodes fantastically for any future installments.


Tightly produced, competent in both its puzzling and its combat, this is one reboot that manages to be unequivocally superior to its predecessors.


The single-player campaign here is the main attraction, and it is excellent. It doesn’t try to rewrite the book on third-person action adventure games. But with its excellent controls, engaging heroine, thrilling combat, and fascinating setting, it doesn’t need to.


Tomb Raider is well-written, sympathetic, exciting, beautiful and just incredibly well-made.

Game Informer

The lackluster multiplayer is absolutely no reason to avoid what is otherwise one of the best action adventures I’ve ever played.

Here’s a review that dares to say that it’s a better Uncharted game than Uncharted 3. You hear that Naughty Dog?


Tomb Raider reaffirms the importance and value of having strong, realistic female protagonists in games, while also successfully transposing much of what people loved about the original titles into an adventure that feels superbly modern. It’s a better Uncharted game than Uncharted 3 was.

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