The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s new suit looks closer to the comics

Here’s the official look at the new suit for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and I think it’s looking amazing!

The first notable changes are the eyes. I think this is the best pair of eyes I have ever laid eyes on for a live-action Spider-Man. Marc Webb decided to keep the eyes closer to the source material. The eyes are larger, curves at the top, and they are now white! I don’t know why, but it seems like most of the live-action versions always shy away from that color.

The raised webbing on the suit is similar to Sam Raimi’s version, and the overall design matches that of the comic book version. This is definitely a huge improvement over the first Amazing Spider-Man suit.


Here’s a sample of the comic book version.


Below is the first Spider-Man suit from The Amazing Spider-Man. The eyes are dark yellow and smaller. The reason for this design was that the production figured that since Peter Parker is still a teenager, he’d probably be using materials he would find around the house. In this case it’s a pair of sunglasses where Peter popped out the lenses and used it as the eyes. That’s cool and all, but he’s able to create mechanical webshooters, so that explanation can go jump right out of the window.


As you can see from the image below, Marc Webb was also inspired by the Sam Raimi version. The new suit now incorporates the raised-webbing style with a hint of grey.


Here’s Sam Raimi’s version with the mask on. As you can see, yellow reflective eyes were in.


The Japanese live-action version kept the original eye colors, but why do they have to be slanted?

spider-man japanese

Let’s not even start with this one.

spider-man tv

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