Help fund Skullgirls! Lab Zero’s crowdfunding efforts to make Squiggly


*UPDATE* The crowdfunding effort has been more than a success, with Lab Zero reaching their target goal in less than 24 hours! Donations will still continue to be accepted for 29 more days, with the next step being the production of Squiggly’s story mode and stage background, with accompanying music created by Michiru Yamane, at $175,000.

When the original development team of Skullgirls got laid off from Reverge Labs, they were clearly left in a tight spot, especially since they were already in production of the DLC for the game itself. Now the team, reformed as Lab Zero, needs your help with putting the finishing touches on their first DLC character, Squiggly.

The crowdfunding efforts from Lab Zero went full throttle today on indiegogo, and the current donation amount has skyrocketed to an astonishing $116,000 as of this writing in just nine hours, out of their target goal of $150,000. However, they still need your support to meet that goal, and have got some incentives for you as well should you choose to be extremely generous with your donation. Such incentives include wallpapers, OST downloads, a Team Fortress 2 hat that is currently in the works, and many more goodies. Probably the best incentive of all this, however, is the fact that if the team does meet their goal, then Squiggly will be released as free DLC for a limited time for anyone that already has the game, whether they donated or not.

Of course, there is a lot more that Lab Zero wants to do with the game itself, including starting work on the first male character that would be added to the roster, Big Band. If they are able to meet $375,000, then work on Big Band will begin once Squiggly is finished, and if more donations are accrued, then a third DLC character will be added to the roster, who will be decided on by popular vote. So, clearly there is a lot to look forward to if you’re a fan of Skullgirls.

All of the information you need can be found on the team’s donation page, which continues to raise more money by the minute. Seriously, it’s probably gone up a whole four grand since I started writing this out, and I’ve had to edit the number at the top three times already. You can also check out the video below, which explains where exactly the money is going, as well as shows some footage of the adorable zombie girl herself in action.





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