The Black Diamond III review – The colorful Bluetooth speaker

Yantouch-Bluetooth3Hello again. Time for another grand adventure tech review from yours truly. Today, we take a look at the Black Diamond 3, in a partnership with Yantouch and Acase. At first glance you may be wondering, “What the hell is that?” While this little illuminated ball looks like the Epcot Center ball at Disney World, it’s actually a speaker.

The Black Diamond III uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your smartphone, iPod, iPhone, tablet, etc. It uses mini-USB to USB to power the device via AC adapter, but you can also just plug it into any USB port. One of the key features I love about the Black Diamond III is that not only is it a portable speaker, it’s also an amazing light show.

121226-0009-pop6The speaker ball uses LED to create quite an awe-inspiring display. The Black Diamond has more than 8 different settings for its display. Using the BD3’s handy wireless remote control, you can change the tempo of the light as well as the lighting effect. You can also change the brightness, and you can even set it to just a single color. Even though the visuals for the Black Diamond III are really astounding, it is in the audio department that this product seems to be lacking.

The Yantouch Black Diamond 3 offers a 2.1 sound system. That means you get right and left channel, as well as a little bass from the rear woofer in the back. The BDIII uses Nd2Fe14B speakers and is surprisingly pretty loud for its size. The speaker has some pretty good bass, and when I used it in my living room, I could easily hear the audio throughout the entire space. Though it is loud, the DB3 is not necessarily top of the line in the audio department. At full volume I noticed a distinctive hiss in the background and the audio loses quality the higher the volume gets.

51jgDTutZEL._SL500_SS500_For being priced at just over $100, the Black Diamond III has a lot to offer compared to some of its competitors. It delivers decent audio quality and is pretty darn cool to look at. Nearly every time someone has walked into my room, everyone wants to know what it is. There are times where I just leave it on like a night light. It just gives off the cool ambient glow. I’ve used it to answer calls and I’ve even used it to play movies on Netflix when I was just too lazy to get out of bed and start my Xbox.  It’s a nifty little gadget to have around the office or in your house, but don’t expect it to replace your surround sound system.

Grade: B

The Black Diamond III is $120 MSRP and is available at and

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