Doctor Who docudrama recreates Dalek invasion of Earth: video and updates!


BBC has released a video of Doctor Who’s executive producer Mark Gatiss on the set of the docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. In the video, you see the filming of the Daleks on Westminister Bridge.


A photo of David Bradley as First Doctor William Hartnell and Lesley Manville portraying Hartnell’s devoted wife, Heather has been released showing Bradley and Manville on the set sitting on a park bench with their dog.

Doctor Who Docudrama

Gatiss is excited for the docudrama stating that the 90-minute special (filming now and due to air in November) is “quite simply a dream come true”. He describes it as “the story of how an unlikely set of brilliant people created a true television original”.

An Adventure in Space and Time is due out in November on BBC America for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special.

Source: BBC

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