Weekly Rock Band DLC coming to an end in April


In a move that could be seen as a true sign that the end of a console generation is upon us, Harmonix made the official announcement this morning that their regular weekly DLC release schedule that they’ve kept up for five years will be coming to an end.

The announcement on the official website states that the company now has several new titles currently in development, and will be transferring resources to focus on them. As such, the weekly schedule that has been kept for 275 consecutive weeks will see its final release on April 2nd. Harmonix still has some DLC planned in the weeks leading up to it, including Pro Guitar upgrades, Rock Band Blitz content, and some artists that have yet to make an appearance in the game, with the final release being promised as something appropriate for the conclusion.

Harmonix has released over 4000 songs as DLC for the entirety of the Rock Band series, a record for most DLC in a video game. The company has stated that they will continue their sale of 1100 different songs already available for purchase, with prices cut by 50%, as a thanks to the community for supporting them throughout the years. A F.A.Q. is also readable on the forums with more details regarding the decision, including how this effects the Rock Band Network, where users can submit their own music tracks for inclusion into the game.

The series in general has become the most successful music game of all time, and is considered by many to be the ultimate party game. While the DLC will be stopping, Harmonix has said that the Rock Central servers will still be kept up for the forseeable future, and they will also be holding a Rock Band event in Boston on March 21, coinciding with PAX East.

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