PlayStation 4 announcement coming soon or something else?



The PlayStation Facebook page has been putting out YouTube videos called “Evolution of PlayStation” the past few days. It all started with a post having people RSVP for a Sony conference that is happening in 3 days. And with that little post, people’s minds, including myself and a few writers from Nerd Reactor, started to flutter around the notion of an announcement for the PlayStation 4. We were all very weary of the notion since Sony said that the PS3 is a “10-year” console. And if my calculation is correct, it’s only been 7 years since it has been announced. But with that said, the recent videos posted by the PlayStation Facebook page is making me reconsider.

The first came on Friday called, “Evolution of PlayStation: The Beginning”. It spoke about the PlayStation and Sony’s first step into the video game world. The second was released the next day and was called, “Evolution of PlayStation: PlayStation 2”. Just like last time, it told people about Sony’s next gaming console and its power. And finally, today, the third and what can be assumed is a final video was released called, “Evolution of PlayStation: PlayStation 3”. And just like the prior two videos, it told us about Sony’s latest console and what it has brought to the gaming world. Take a look at the videos yourself located below.

All three of these videos have one thing in common, and that is a progression towards the next generation console. One is to believe, no, to expect that the conference being held in 3 days will be the next video “Evolution of Playstation: Playstation 4”. I believe it is. And if it isn’t, then Sony has just trolled its many fans and can expect to lose many of them. Sure they haven’t said anything about releasing the PS4, but just by going with the direction of the videos and its release being so close to the conference, one can follow the dots and come to that conclusion.

As a fan, I registered right away for that conference, and I am hoping that it is a conference to let people know about the next “Evolution of Playstation”. If they do have the wool pulled over my eyes and it will not be an announcement of PlayStation 4, then I will be sad and a bit angry. Though, I doubt that Sony would lead people on so much and not make that announcement of the next gen console.

So what are your thoughts on the video as well as the conference? Will it be an announcement of the PS4? Or are we just looking too much into it and it will be an announcement of something else? Let me know.








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