The Rock says Lobo film may not happening after all

Dwayne-Johnson-LoboSome sad news for those interested in the DC Comics film universe. During a recent interview for his upcoming movie Snitch, “The Great One” revealed his plans to play the space-pirate may no longer come to fruition.

“It was for a minute, but it just kind of went away as things happen in Hollywood. For a minute I was interested in it, then it went away.”

News broke back in last September that The Rock was working with Joel Silver and Brad Payton on bringing Lobo to the big screen. There was even rumors of a plan to have him included in the Justice League movie.¬†The Rock is no stranger to high-profiled comic book movies just going away. It wasn’t long ago that The People’s Champ was also slated to play Black Adam in the Captain Marvel film.

While The Rock doesn’t say the project is completely dead, it does seem like his¬†involvement in the project has stopped. Maybe this has something to do with the recent reworking of the plans for the Justice League? Who knows?

You can watch the full interview below and hear The Rock about his plans to work on a Hercules movie with Brett Ratner.

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