Is this the mysterious touchpad PlayStation 4 controller?

ps4_controller_rumor_header1A new interesting image has popped up online. The image claims to be the rumored PlayStation 4 controller. The image does back some of the claims that we’ve been hearing around the internet lately. The START and SELECT Button have been moved to clearly make space for the small touchscreen in the center. The controller seems a bit bulkier than your average DualShock 3, and it is connected via USB 3.0 to what many believe to be a Dev Kit for the PlayStation 4.

Another noticeable change are the analog sticks. The light at the top of the controller is also very reminiscent of the PlayStation Move controllers. Although I’m not entirely sure why they would want to put that look into their controllers now. Maybe just for style?

I could sit here and dissect this image all day, but more or less we will only know the truth come February 20th, when Sony unveils whatever big surprise they have waiting for us.

245081-cont3Source: Destructoid

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