Game of Thrones actor cast as Drax the Destroyer

Guardians of the Galaxy

UPDATE #2: El Mayimbe is sticking to his report, tweeting that “Momoa is asking for DOUBLE the Marvel asking price for the role. He is the only one who flew to London to screen test. He returns Sat.” Hopefully, Marvel doesn’t get discouraged into hiring him because of his financial demands.

UPDATED: According to Borys Kit from The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Momoa has indeed screen tested for the part but has NOT been offered the role. In fact no offer has been given period. Kit was quick to point out that, “This doesn’t mean Momoa won’t be their guy. It just means Marvel still hasn’t chosen their Drax.”

In the recent news that Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt has been casted as the leader of the Guardians, now Latino Review has broken the news that Marvel has found their Drax The Destroyer as well.

Jason Momoa who played Conan in the Lionsgate reboot has been offered the part of Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. According to the report, Momoa impressed Marvel so much with his screen test that he was immediately offered the part. So far the negotiations are ongoing as Marvel offered Momoa the part, but sources are saying that his reps have counter offered.

Other actors who have screen tested for the role included Isiah Mustafa (The Old Spice guy), Dave Bautista (The Man with the Iron Fists), and Brian Patrick (Penny’s boyfriend in the first season of Big Bang Theory). All who are solid choices, but Momoa seems to be the better actor out of all of them.


Momoa is an incredible pickup for Marvel as his star is on the rise in Hollywood. Which is important as Drax is also one of the most important characters when it comes to the Thanos’ backstory. Drax the Destroyer’s sole purpose after dying as a human and being re-purposed as a weapon is to hunt down and destroy Thanos – by any means necessary. Even at the cost of the galaxy, as some readers might have found out in the Annihilation story arc a couple of years back.

James Gunn has a very clear and specific idea on who and what he wants as actors for Guardians of the Galaxy. So far they are doing an incredible job in casting their characters, as both Chris Pratt and Jason Momoa are perfect for their respective characters. Currently Marvel are still looking for voice actors to voice Rocket Raccoon and Groot, and a female lead for the role of Gamora, the deadliest woman in the galaxy. There are rumors that other cosmic characters may appear in the film such as Nova (if you look close at the Guardians concept art you can see the Nova corp stars in the background), Quasar, Adam Warlock, Moondragon, among others. We’ll have more casting news as they break.

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