Nintendo says 2013 is ‘The year of Luigi’ with 3 new titles

MP6_LuigiYour eyes aren’t deceiving you. During this mornings Nintendo Direct press conference, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced that this year the younger brother will be taking a few bigger roles, including the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. While Iwata called Luigi the meeker of the brothers, Luigi will be the key focus on two more titles announced today, which include Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and New Luigi. 


First shown off was more of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, a sequel to the 2001 Gamecube title Luigi’s Mansion, which releases on March 24, 2013. A new multiplayer mode was shown allowing you to play with friends. It’s already been 12 years since Luigi ventured into the haunted house, and now he will be visiting multiple houses cleaning them of ghosts and evil.
mario-and-luigi-dream-team-1 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the next game in the Mario & Luigi RPG series. Mario and Luigi team up once again, but this time much of the game will be taking place in Luigi’s dreams. Mario will be able to enter Luigi’s dreams where together they team up. While there Luigi can become an incredible force to give Mario more power. While Luigi sleeps you will be able to mess around with him using the touch screen which will help Mario get by certain obstacles in the game. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team will release in Summer 2013  

Finally Nintendo is giving Luigi a star treatment on the already released New Super Mario Bros. U for the Nintendo Wii U. Through a DLC update the game will go through a change making Luigi the only playable character with a different story as he becomes the star of the game. Iwata announced the game will be dubbed New Luigi U since it will focus entirely on Luigi.

Luigi is stepping into the light, it has always been a Nintendo comedy gag to tease and make fun of Luigi in previous Mario games including the Mario RPG games as the back up character or the worthless one, but Nintendo is giving Luigi the spotlight this year.

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