Love at first sight – The Stern Pinball Tron Legacy Edition

So I thought I knew everything there was to know about the origin and films around Tron. More so than not, I thought the same about pinball machines. Man was I wrong about both. I recently was at a community shelter where I was volunteering and came across the Stern Pinball Tron Legacy Limited Edition machine.

The owner, another volunteer, invited me over to his place to show off the goods. I never was entirely good at playing all the action shooter/fighting games at arcades, but a pinball machine I rocked at. In fact, I once ranked 2nd in a group of 250 at a local festival pinball competition; my claim to fame.


My recent run-in indulged me to know that Stern has been making some insanely awesome machines:  X-Men, Iron Man, Batman, Transformers, and so many more. Tron pinball is nothing new and has been out of production for some time. Stern, for the most part, only creates limited amounts of their machines giving diehard fans of both genres exclusivity. Beware of knock-offs.

The difference between a typical arcade game and a pinball machine is they normally don’t having any moving parts, and no physicality that might better a user’s chance of winning as opposed to pinball where nothing as simple as two side buttons gauging your degree of play.

With that, The Tron machine is amazing! The lights, the movie sound bites & soundtrack, the challenges, the railings, and everything else about this pinball machine can’t be outdone. If you are going to have an arcade box in your house, you can’t leave out a pinball machine especially something like this.

The only regret I have is not snapping a photo of it. Check it out in this video.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”330″][/youtube]

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