Soasig Chamaillard: The Holy Grail of action figures


French artist Soasig Chamaillard has created the Holy Grail of action figures with some of the most infamous comic, toon, toy, film, and video game icons to ever exist.

Soasig has taken damaged Mother Mary statues and brought them back to life. She has quite the taste for how she goes about redressing some of the figures she resurrects. “Super Mary”, “Saint Barbie”, “Pocket Holy”, “My Little Mary”, “Hello Mary”, “Pink Power”, “Mary O Super”, and “Holy Force” are just some to name a few. These deities can not be found at any shop. Maybe if you are lucky, an online retailer might have one or two. If you are serious and would like to own any one of these rare figures, keep in mind they will set you back in upwards of $1,000 and can only be found at Soasig’s website.

One thing still hasn’t changed – toy collectors and Mary – still considered virgins.

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