Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 – Interview with the crew

IMG_9919Last week, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 was released on Blu-ray and DVD. Fans were finally able to see the finale to Frank Miller’s epic story of Batman in his later years having to return to protect the streets of Gotham City. While Batman may be busy dealing with the Joker, we had the honor of meeting a few of the people behind the movie.

Bob Goodman:

Bruce Timm:



Andrea Romano:


NR: You are responsible for giving life to so many series and heroes, what methods do you use to fill the role?

Andrea Romano: I keep a wish list based on things I watch. So I may be watching Castle and so I add to the list Nathan Fillion and try to use him anywhere I can. I may be watching Dexter or whatever, and on the list I have a list of actors I would like to use whenever the right roles come up for them.

For this piece there were 33 actors to fill out the speaking roles. I fill them up with my friends and voice actors I’ve worked with over the years that I know could give me multiple voices, with names like Yuri Lowenthall, Dee Bradley Baker and James Patrick Stuart. I fill it with people I want to spend time with in the room because I know we will have fun together while doing really good work.

In the Dark Knight Returns Part 2, you notice right away the different voice for the Joker right off the bat. What was your decision with choosing such a different tone for him?

Andrea: I had met Michael Emerson at a party in Comic-Con a couple of years ago and asked him if he would ever be interested in doing voices for animation. He said, “If the right role would come along I would love to.” Then when this piece came up I thought he would be perfect, since this would be a different Joker, and for me Michael would be the right person who could give a different twist to Joker from Mark Hamill or Kevin Michael Richardson.

NR: When it comes to Batman we have a few names that come into mind of who has been the best voice of Batman, but this story is much darker than anything else. What did you have in mind when it came to giving the animation their voices?

Andrea: This is a much darker piece than the ones we worked on before, but Batman tends to be a darker project than let’s say Superman. I was looking for someone different for this project, since when we meet Batman or Bruce Wayne, he’s drinking and he’s kind of given up and lost hope. He is much more mature than we have seen him before, since he is a much older Bruce Wayne than we have portrayed before. So I needed someone who had some age to their voice, some experience to his voice and sounded like they have been through a lot. Peter Weller has that, so it was a nice and easy combination to this. I had just seen him on Dexter and thought I had the perfect role for him.

NR: Let me finish by asking a question I know fans always want to know and that is how can I be a voice actor and get noticed by Casting Directors such as yourself?

Andrea: The very first thing people have to do is taking acting classes because acting is paramount. It’s the most important thing, and then the ability to do multiple voices is a real boom and real benefit for actors. What they basically need to do is take acting classes, then voice over classes (specifically geared towards animation), make a demo, get an agent, and the agents will get it to me.

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