The Witcher 3 revealed in Game Informer cover art


Those that caught the CybperPunk2077 trailer not too long ago may remember that an extra tidbit was teased at the end of it, possibly hinting at another new title in the works. For those of you betting with your office mates that it was a third entry in The Witcher series, feel free to brag to your friends while you collect some dosh.

Game Informer made the reveal for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt when they posted the cover art for their March issue, due out in a couple weeks for subscribers. The magazine cover portrays Geralt and a mysterious companion on horseback. CD Projeckt Red and Game Informer are keeping the identity of the confidant under wraps for the time being. What is currently known about the game so far is that the world Geralt will be exploring is planned to be humongous, over 30 times larger than the previous outing, and is being done on CD Projeckt’s REDengine 3 technology that will debut with the game. More info will be revealed when the issue is released.

In the meantime, glance over at the amazing cover art, and check out the video trailer where some of the developers talk about the game itself. Witcher 3 is currently slated for a 2014 release on PC and “all high-end platforms available.” Take that last part however you will.



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