Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – Overview

When it comes to multiplayer games online, there are several juggernauts that need recognition. Games such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Day of Defeat, etc.; The list could keep going and going. But, what do these games have in common?  They are all First-Person-Shooters, or FPS’s, right? When most people want to play fairly quick games online, they are usually greeted with a military genre shooter.  For me personally, I think there are more than enough military shooters online that the area is completely saturated with them. However things are now changing, because there is a new style of Muliplay FPS out there which I believe is a breath of fresh air. The name of this game is called, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and I HIGHLY suggest you guys go out there and check it out.


This game throws you back into the age where people didn’t kill each other with guns from a distance, but killed each other with melee weapons that they held in their hands; making the kills a little more personal.




You can choose between 4 different classes: Archers, Man-at-Arms, Vanguards, and Knights.  Each of these classes have different abilities and has access to several different loadouts making them all unique.  If you want a full break down of the class abilities, you can click -> here. I like ALL the classes, but I am particular to the Knight because of survivability and high damage weapons; of course you move and swing slower than normal, but it all balances out in the end.

The weapons have their own strengths and weaknesses, and with each weapon (except for bows and slings) you can do horizontal and vertical slashes, alongside with stabbing thrusts. This gives you complete control over your weapons making parrying them quite challenging. You can also constantly combo your slashes depending on your stamina. For me, nothing feels better than swinging my giant maul in a downward arc and smashing the skull of an enemy. The crunching sound is absolutely glorious and disturbing at the same time. With these options available to you, dueling and fighting your enemies makes for interesting battles.




As with most online multiplayer games, there are always opposing sides and you will have to choose between the two. The two teams consist of the nation of Agatha (Blue Team) and the Order of Masons (Red Team).  With each map come different objectives for the teams. One team could be attempting to burn and pillage a town, while the other attempts to protect it. Another objective is to lay siege to a castle by pushing a battering ram to their door while the other team attempts to pelt them with arrows and pour burning oil on the soldiers using the battering ram. You’re always on your toes, especially when you have two very good teams on a 32 vs 32 match. It’s the closest thing to close combat warfare that you will experience. It’s not your normal death match or team death match objectives, although those are available on certain servers. I prefer the team objectives as I believe teaches you how to work with your team as opposed to just being an individual attempting to get more kills than everyone else.




Thanks to the team at Torn Banner for bringing us something new and exciting like this. As I said earlier, the online multiplay FPS genre has gotten so stagnant that I personally do not play any online games anymore with the exception of Left 4 Dead 2. What Torn Banner has done is amazing and has re-kindled an interest in quick online multiplay FPS’s again. And this time, it doesn’t look ANYTHING like the watered down series of Call of Duty or Black Ops. Personally I hope Torn Banner does more and maybe brings it back to a Roman or Greek Era. How awesome would it be to be a Roman or Greek Soldier on a field going against the barbarian hordes? This genre can only grow from here on out. Personally I can’t wait for what else Torn Banner or another studio will bring for us in this style of death by hand-to-hand combat genre.  Go and buy the game!! GO! “For the glory of AGATHA!”



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