Go, Go Power Rangers! We chat with the new team of Power Rangers Megaforce

This Saturday marks the next series in the Power Ranger franchise. Growing up as a teen I really enjoyed the original Power Ranger series. I watched it all the way up to Power Rangers in Space. Even though I stopped, I still caught some of the newer episodes here and there. And then in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, I found out Jason David Frank (AKA Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger) was returning as a Ranger. I’d casually check out Overdrive, Samurai, and the Power Ranger specials, “Forever Red” and “Once A Ranger ‘Veteran’ Team.”

The upcoming series, Power Rangers Megaforce, features five new teens tasked with protecting the world from evil. Unlike the previous series, Megaforce has more of an original style similar to the first Power Ranger series. We’re introduced with Gosei, (a giant floating head), a supernatural being who has protected the Earth for centuries with his robotic assistant, Tensou.

Here is the new team:

IMG_9891 Andrew Gray as Troy Burrows, AKA the Red Megaforce Ranger

IMG_9888John Mark Loudermilk as Noah Carver, AKA the Blue Megaforce Ranger

IMG_9883Christina Masterson as Emma Goodall, AKA the Pink Megaforce Ranger

IMG_9884Ciara Hanna as Gia Moran, AKA the Yellow Megaforce Ranger

IMG_9886Azim Rizk as Jake Holling, AKA the Black Megaforce Ranger

Getting a chance to talk with the team as a group, I wanted to ask a lot of questions. I decided to go the Nerd Reactor route.

NR: Being the 20th season/series of the Power Rangers franchise, it has to be some pretty big shoes to fill. How was it for all of you to be Power Rangers in Megaforce?

Christina: It’s a real honor.

Azim & John: It’s a Mega honor. Mega. We know there are some very huge shoes to fill. We have a lot of fun on set, and we really came together as great friends and cast. It’s going to Mega for a couple of years. We get to be heroes young kids get to look up to. You couldn’t have a better job.

NR: What was your favorite Ranger series?

Ciara: I remember Might Morphin and I got into Power Rangers in Space. I’ve always had a thing for yellow, and I never knew why until now. It all makes sense.

Andrew: After the big boom of the first series, I kind of grew out of it. But being chosen to be the red ranger, I followed up by watching Samurai, and I really enjoyed it. It really got me pumped to be here.

Christina: My favorite is the original Mighty Morphin. It was original and it really popped out being different from anything else on TV. I am still in love with it. After getting this role, it was really interesting to see the Japanese version, because I never saw it until now.

John: I think we would all say the same thing, because our generation was Mighty Morphin. The biggest one for me was the first movie when it came out. It was huge. Some of the villains from that were insane. Ivan Ooze, he’s one of my favorite villains of all time. Going back to Billy, the original blue, he is my boy *laughs*. It’s some crazy shoes to fill and we do it really well.

Azim: The five rangers, I remember looking at them thinking they’re just like me. They are kids fighting for the world, and I thought that was really really cool. Actually another Nickelodeon show that I really look up to is Avatar: The Last Airbender. I think it’s perfect and I’m happy to be right next to them on the same channel.

NR: Speaking of Avatar, what’s your favorite type of bending?

Azim: Oh man you ask good questions! It was the water benders, because they make water into ice, make waves, they can surf on the water and ice, they can shoot the ice, what else…oh yes they could blood bend. It was pretty awesome.

NR: How about the rest of you? Any cartoons you liked watching growing up?

AndrewDragonball! Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, Dragonball Z Kai

NR: So let me ask you, who is your favorite character?

Andrew: I started with Dragonball so I have to go with Goku.

NR: Being the five selected heroes of the universe, how do you feel you have grown as a team?

All: The team lives together in New Zealand. It allows us to spend more time together, and it allows us to create a powerful bond together. We feel we can never be broken as we hang out together, eat together, train together, and just overall do everything together on the set and off. It makes us great friends.

NR: One of the coolest parts of watching the Power Rangers were the Zords. How do you guys feel about being tied to a Zord now?

Andrew: It goes back to being a fan of the original series. We have Dragon, Shark, Phoenix, Tiger and Snake, which is awesome, especially since I was a fan of the original Dragon Zord. It’s Mega cool to be apart of this especially when it forms into The Gosei Great Megazord.

NR: What message do you feel your fans will receive from watching Megaforce?

Christina: This season talks a lot about pollution and humans destroying the Earth. I hope that kids learn to protect the Earth and take care of it. Be green and preserve it, recycle, reduce….reuse!


Power Rangers Megaforce premieres February 2, 2013 on Nickelodeon.

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