Disney’s Paperman short is now online

Damn you Disney for making this wonderful and sweet animated short. Now it’s going to give men everywhere hope that if they throw paper airplanes toward a woman, said woman

Exclusive: AMC’s Freakshow – Tallest Man Video

We’ve all felt different in one way or another. And as a young lad, I’ve had my fair share of being bullied because of it. Damn you, kids! But the

Otakon has announced T.M. Revolution as musical guest

Today Otakon announced that T.M. Revolution will be returning to Otakon as a musical guest. He held his US debut at Otakon ten years ago in 2003, so it’s nice

Injustice: Gods Among Us gets a story trailer, ‘The Line’

Here’s the newest trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us, giving us a taste of the story. Don’t worry, we also get gameplay of our DC heroes beating the crap out

TERA, the action MMO, to go free-to-play on February 5

For those of you waiting for TERA to become free-to-play, En Masse Entertainment has announced today that the action-MMORPG will have a subscription-free option starting on February 5th. It will

Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series canceled

It’s a sad day indeed. In an interview with producer Giancarlo Volpe, Newsrama confirmed that Green Lantern: The Animated Series has been canceled and this season will be its final season. Part of

The VicamPlus – Turn an iPhone 5 into a GoPro rig

The VicamPlus – Gadget turns an iPhone 5 into a GoPro rig

Sin City 2 news: Eva Green is the Dame and Julia Garner is the young stripper

Some casting news surfaced today for Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, a movie adapted from the graphic novel by Frank Miller. Eva Green (Casino Royale) has been

Star Wars actor says his experience was boring and George Lucas was uninteresting

We can safely say that a lot of Star Wars fans’ favorite movie of the original trilogy was The Empire Strikes Back. It was darker and had intense scenes involving

The Hobbit surpasses 2 LOTR movies and gets a Blu-ray cover

I’m one of the few who thought The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey suffered from pacing issues and relying too much on creating CG goblins. That, however, hasn’t changed the fact

AVN Music Video ‘She Said Ok’ with Nerd Reactor 2013

We recently attended the AVN AEE Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, and it was a blast. Here’s a music video of the Nerd Reactor crew and

Former Darksiders developers form new studio with Crytek

Crytek confirmed today that a number of employees that formed the now defunct Vigil Games have found a new home within their company, in that of a newly established studio

Justice League won’t happen unless Man of Steel is a success?

Art by Michael Turner It was reported that the WB was planning to have the Justice League film be out in 2015. Now, it seems that the release year and

My Pet Monsters invades your iOS

Growing up as a kid, there were a lot of monster toys where you could raise your own monster you could play with. There were a few handheld games/electronics that

Star Wars 3D re-releases canceled

The nerd world is still abuzz with the recent news that J.J. Abrams will now be directing Episode VII of the new Star Wars franchise, but not all good news

Power Rangers Legends iOS review -updated and chat with Dan Silberberger Vice President of Digital for Saban Brands

One show I had to watch everyday as a kid would be the Might Morphin Power Rangers. I’d watch it right after school. Even though I had stopped watching it,

BBC launches 50th anniversary Doctor Who website

BBC has launched its 50th anniversary website for Doctor Who! Filled with updated news, old clips, several episodes and Doctor Who mechandise, this website is – in the words of

Disney is making a Tomorrowland movie

Formerly known as 1952, Disney has now changed the name of the movie being directed by Brad Bird to Tomorrowland. Yes, we have yet another attraction/land from Disneyland being turned

Dead Space 3 launch trailer gives the good kind of chills

You have to admit, directors are getting better and better with the use of live action filming for video game trailers, and the launch trailer for Dead Space 3 shows