Weird Story: Batman and Buzz Lightyear break up bar fight?

batandbuzzNothing could be more embarrassing than being beaten up by someone in a Party City costume. On that note, there is an interesting story involving two men dressed as Batman and Buzz Lightyear. According to eyewitnesses, pub landlord Steve Lowe dressed as Batman and a fellow Space Ranger dispersed a crowd of some rowdy young adult males at a local pub in Stockport.

Apparently, Batman and Buzz Lightyear were attending a Cosplay event at another nearby pub when he heard of some commotion going on at his place of business. Lowe and his long-time bartender, Shane Lee, quickly jumped into action and swiftly extradited the riff raff from the premises.

I’m not a small fella so I looked the part and it was easy as Batman to get them outside. Then I had Buzz Lightyear on the door making sure they didn’t get back in.

When the police finally arrived on the scene the threat had been taken care of all thanks to the caped crusader. What’s even more hilarious is the fact that the police even made a note of it in their official police report.

‘Large scale disturbance – a lot involved, but no further action needed… Batman sorted it.’

You can’t make this stuff up. How do you even try to explain the story of how you and your friends got thrown out of a bar by Batman and Buzz Lightyear? It’s good to see that the world’s greatest detective is still making sure the bars and pubs of the world are kept safe from young misguided hooligans.

ay_102451314Source: Metro

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