RC airplane dogfight with Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher

Splinter Cell Blacklist RC airplane dogfight

Ubisoft and Devinsupertramp, the guys that did the Far Cry 3 in Real Life and Assassin’s Creed Meet Parkour in Real Life videos, have teamed up to bring us a new video to help support the upcoming Splinter Cell Blacklist game.

Sam Fisher is controlling an RC airplane as he dogfights the lovely Leanna Pareja (you may recognize her from the Far Cry 3 video). Things get heated when another guy enters the fight with his Paladin airplane that’s included in the Splinter Cell Blacklist Collector’s Edition. Just a bit of warning if you’re thinking of getting the Collector’s Edition, the actual RC Paladin does not shoot real bullets.

Source: Devinsupertramp

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