Review: Diamond TAB360 universal racing gaming wheel stand


I love my iPad 2. I use my iPad every day and play a lot of games including racing games which require me to physically move my iPad around. When I first heard about the TAB360, I had to try it out to see if it could improve my gaming abilities or at least decrease my wrist motion (and carpal tunnel).


I got the stand out of the case and placed my iPad into the center. The holding mechanism that is suppose to be adjustable to fit all sizes of tablets and phones was really tough pulling apart. I really had to pull at it to fit the iPad onto the center. I have a iPad cover and it fit snug with the largest setting. Once adjusted, I started playing my games that require movement.


This free app is a race car game that requires you to move the iPad to make turns. The wheel was easy to move around slowly, but was tough to move when it required fast hard turns. It may be because I had not loosen up the wheel enough.

There is a problem with multi-fingering (yes, I used that word). You need to tap the gas and the brake at the same time as turning. Usually, without the wheel stand, I use my thumbs to assist in steering and tapping. With the wheel stand, I could grip the wheel and still use my thumbs, but the distance is further. I ended up taking the iPad off the stand and playing by hand.



This makes a great stand for the car lover to watch movies and do their usual iPad activities, but as a gaming device, it takes some time getting used to. The wheel resembles a steering wheel which is great decor for my fiance’s home office –  covered in with cars and racing photos on the wall.



I understood the purpose this stand was trying to get at, it just failed to execute when actually playing a racing game. If it had a feature that gave it a gas or brake option, there would be some hope in using this as a gaming device. As a stand, it is a nice look for the car enthusiast.


Grade: D for gaming, B as stand decor

Retail: $59.99

Specs: Fitting tablets of varying sizes from 7″ to 10.1″, the TAB360 is a triple threat, providing a versatile, 360- degree rotating stand for tablets, useful for daily home activities, work and gaming.

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