10 fan-made Star Wars: Episode VII posters

star_wars_episode_vii_banner_2015_by_darthtemoc-d5jqjrcHear any good Star Wars news lately? Obviously all the fanboys are all aflutter with the recent news of  Episode VII. While there is still quite a lot of time between here and 2015, fans have already taken to creating a few cool fan-made posters for the upcoming film.

Now, since there is still no word on who will be in it or what the film will be called, it is kind of interesting to see what fans have come up with. Obviously everyone wants Mark Hamill to return as Luke Skywalker, but what new actor would you like to see in the film join the franchise? Ian McKellen? He’s already part of the Lord of the Rings and X-Men universe, might as well make him a part of Star Wars.

You can checkout the poster gallery below.
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