The VicamPlus – Turn an iPhone 5 into a GoPro rig


Turn an iPhone 5 into a GoPro rig? Absolutely yes! Now possible with the VicamPlus.

Designer Lou Gu and partner Brent Duke have created something that might very well make the GoPro – go extinct. That’s of course if innovations towards smartphones, specifically the camera giblets in an Apple iPhone, progress further or California based, Woodman Labs (GoPro), don’t acquire them first.

The VicamPlus is a water proof case, up to 15feet, that features 3 lenses: 170-degree wide angle, madly popular fisheye, and super micro. It can attach to any GoPro accessories as well.

Launched yesterday on Kickstarter, it has already gotten 10% of the $10,000 goal. I’d buy one in a heartbeat except, I’m not entirely sure what I’d make videos of. I’ve plateaued with my friends list on Instagram. I’m in desperate need of a video version of the app to fill a void, stat! I guess that’s good enough reason as to why I’d buy one.

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