Power Rangers Legends iOS review -updated and chat with Dan Silberberger Vice President of Digital for Saban Brands

One show I had to watch everyday as a kid would be the Might Morphin Power Rangers. I’d watch it right after school. Even though I had stopped watching it, I still enjoyed checking it out now and then to see the changes in each new series.

With the Power Rangers series entering its 20th anniversary, it’s only proper to bring back not only the first series, but some of the rangers of the last two decades.


Power Rangers Legends is a free iOS game for the iPhone and iPad. You select your ranger and fight enemies from different generations of Power Rangers. You start the game with the original Power Ranger series as the Green Ranger.

The controls are pretty simple; you swipe in different directions to attack, and swiping in the opposite direction if your opponent’s attacks allows you to parry and attack. A special bar fills up the more hits you land or take, thus allowing for special attacks. It sounds pretty simple, but it can get tedious as sometimes when you swipe the screen, you won’t get the desired response you are inputting.

Power Rangers Legends App 02

The multiple rangers you can purchase, together with ability and item customization, give the players a bit more options to power-up their favorite rangers. Everything is purchased in the game, and you can unlock and earn more by defeating your enemies.


One bonus in the game is the music. The rock-styled background music is enjoyable, especially during the Power Ranger theme song.

I found myself enjoying the first part of the game, seeing as I have always liked Jason David Frank as Tommy in the series and have spent more of my time playing as him. Too bad they didn’t give him the White Ranger outfit. Another bummer is that there are no Zords in the game.

What gave me a good laugh was the ability to equip different weapons for your characters. I can’t really imagine the Green Ranger using anything else but his dragon flute sword, but eventually carrying around a more powerful flaming sword is needed for harder and longer battles with your limited HP. You can slowly upgrade by winning and spending the points. It’s a fun play for Ranger fans and for the current free price, it’s worth trying.

The game has some very impressive graphics. The Power Rangers and enemies are very detailed, but the game itself gets repetitive fairly quickly. You fight the same enemies and do the same things over and over again. The big changes are that enemies only get stronger and start attacking in groups in the one-on-one battles, that is until you finally reach the final boss.

The game has three episodes featuring different seasons, and it was announced there would be more series added down the line.

Grade: C

Power Rangers Legends was reviewed on an iPad 4.


Since I reviewed the game I got a chance to chat with a few members of the creative, they listened to the fans and have implemented a few changes to the game to make it smoother and faster, including more responsive.After previous reviews and fans posted on the forums about the laggy response, Saban’s gaming division went right ahead and made some changes making the game faster and have better response time for the battles this way your characters aren’t just standing there as you swipe. Playing the current build I was able to enjoy the game quite a bit more rather than cursing losing as I swiped and a move did not come out.

New updates are coming soon; the updates will be free and feature new Power Ranger series to celebrate the 20th anniversary. So you can expect to see more Power Rangers series and characters in the near future including taking your powered up Rangers into other series.

New Grade: B

We soon got a chance to ask Dan Silberberger Vice President of Digital for Saban Brands a few questions about the Power Rangers Legends game….

NR: What was the idea behind creating and releasing Power Rangers Legends?

Dan: We wanted to make a game that could represent the whole Power Rangers franchise, with the ability to contain rangers from the past 20 years. Something that long-time fans and new fans alike could easily pick up and enjoy, but then could also sit down and play for hours if they want. Something that has beautiful graphics with great game play, but with some level of familiarity too. We’re fans of this type of fighting game mechanic so it all just came together.

NR: The iOs game Power Rangers Legends features 3 series from the all the series made, what went into that decision?

Dan: We started with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers because it’s the show that started it all. Samurai was the current season when this game was built and has a ton of fans, so seemed like the next logical series. Finally, we picked Megaforce since it’s debuting on February 2 on Nickelodeon. We’Re really taking this game in a lot of cool directions. We’re super excited about it.

NR: Any plans for android release’s for future titles?

Dan: We’d like to make it available to Android users. No port is trivial, but Legends is built in Unity so it’s a bit easier than a completely native port. Our fans have asked for it and we just need to make sure that we get it right before we launch.

NR: The Power Rangers franchise is reaching its 20th anniversary, what plans does Saban have for gaming and to celebrate so much
ranger action?

Dan: Because we can put so many different series into one game, it will be interesting when people start mixing and matching different Power Rangers, villains, and weapons from different series. It can be a Power Rangers mashup that we’ve never seen before. We have ideas on what we’d like to do in the future of gaming at Saban Brands, and we’re also listening to what our players want. Keep an eye out for exciting new features and content in the future!

And in addition to our digital plans for Power Rangers, Saban Brands will be celebrating the 20th anniversary all year-long with lots of exciting things—stay tuned for more!

NR: Which is your favorite ranger and what is your favorite season?

Dan: You know, Power Rangers really went gangbusters when I was in college, so I’m a little older than most fans. That said, Mighty Morphin’s Pink Ranger holds a special place in my heart.

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