New image of Nicolas Cage as Superman – Can’t be unseen

What could have been, what might have been, and in retrospect, thankfully never was. Nicolas Cage at one point was the man in the suit – “Superman Lives” suit that is.

A project planned from Tim Burton, backed by Warner Bros., and Cage at the center. Whooh! Fans literally dodged that bullet a couple years ago (nearly a decade) much like Superman is known to do.

The first is a really awful image of Cage in an even more awful suit that popped up on the web in 2009. The next image is the most recent that surfaced on the web. Honestly, Cage wears it well. Except maybe the Barbie/Ken type action figure legs. But c’mon! It’s Nicolas Cage! Oh, oh…Just vomited in my mouth a bit. The only suit Cage graced was the home made Big Daddy piece in the 2010 film, Kick-Ass.

Cage 1

Circa 2009


Released this week, 1/13

Source: Move Hole

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