Take-Two interactive picks up WWE License

headerAs we reported earlier today, THQ’s assets were dissolved to many different video game companies. One highly profiled property that many fans were anxious to hear about was what would become of THQ’s WWE license. It was just recently announced that Take-Two Interactive has bought the property rights. The sale took place outside the THQ’s auction and it is unclear at this time what were the terms of the sale.

WWE Games had no comment on the sale but assured fans that there would be some big news to announce shortly.

We don’t have any details to share yet, but there WILL continue to be WWE Games. Stay tuned for more information and some exciting news!

WWE GamesTHQ had a long 12 year run with their WWE franchise and sadly it has finally come to an end. While some avid wrestling fans may say good riddance. I for one, think the franchise was finally moving back into the right direction. With their last two installments, the series seemed to finally move away from the arcade feel associated with Smackdown vs Raw back to the slow pace chain grappling systems that many fans loved from the Nintendo 64 title WWF No Mercy. It wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely a huge improvement.

I gladly gave WWE ’13 a “B” in my review. Now it will be interesting to see what Take-Two does with the property. WWE 2K14? We will have to wait and see as more is revealed.

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