CES: LG making your life smarter and easier

Other than showcasing the typical technology like televisions, PC monitors, and cell phones, LG Electronics also showcased the smart homes. Inside these smart homes are fridges that can tell you what you have stored inside, ovens that can tell you your food’s ready via text messaging, and even offer recipes based on the food you cook. All this is made possible by connecting to your home internet. Even the washer and dryers have a place.

LG wants technology to make life easier and improve the quality of how you live through integration of their technology. The home technology is just a start as every year LG introduces some pretty cool new items that fit into the modern home, creating the ultimate nerd cave. The best part of the booth was all the other technology being shown such as:


LG’s OLED and 4K TVs, providing amazing colors and images, these televisions would make any movie look amazing, with or without 3D. The market price of these TVs aren’t cheap, and at the moment, they are ranging over $10K a piece. Luckily as development costs lower, we can expect these goodies to be more affordable within the next few years. Really I can’t wait to be able to have one in my house for gaming, but for now the Cinema 3D TV is my current choice for console gaming. For PC gaming the LG monitor is worth a pick up with the ability to duel screen on the world’s first 21:9 aspect computer monitor. At 29″ inches this bad boy can help with the need for dual monitors for anything you do.



The Optimus G has had so much buzz behind it thanks to positive reviews from multiple press. we got a chance to see some of the unique abilities of the phone compared to other top devices we have in our pockets that include the iPhone 5 and Galaxy III. The Optimus G features a Quad Core, 4.7″ true HD color screen is a great pick up if you are on Sprint and AT&T, but if you don’t have either of those don’t worry there is a built in unlock feature you can pay $14.99 to use it on other carriers, I’ve been wanting to play with it for some time and see how its games with emulators and multiple programs since this has quite a few possibilities for gaming and more.

Honestly one of the most impressive booths at CES, every inch of the LG booth made the inner nerd inside of me drool, so many wants including the OLED and 4K TV’s and the worlds largest wall mount, LG has been one of the top companies in your needs.

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