Mass Effect gets all cute with these plushies

Still depressed after the Mass Effect 3 ending? The good news is that Mass Effect is getting plushified. These should ease the pain from the horrific nightmare of an ending. The bad news is that these aren’t mass produced and will cost you $90 to $120, that is if they’re available. Well, it is just one artist doing these for fun after all.

DeviantARTIST Jo Roberts has created the most adorable Mass Effect plushies ever. I just want to take them all home. These include Commander Shepard, Garrus, Thane, Saren, the Collectors, Tali, Harbinger and Legion.

mass effect 3 plushie garrus 2 mass effect 3 plushie garrus mass effect 3 plushie saren mass effect 3 plushie Thane


mass_effect___harbinger_plushie_by_eitanya-d5i4joi mass_effect___legion_plushie_by_eitanya-d5g6v9e tali__zorah_plushie_with_drone_by_eitanya-d4brfi4

Source: Jo Robert’s Deviantart

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