Riot bans two more LoL eSports gamers for “toxic behavior”

Brand_Splash_0League of Legends has developed a rather negative reputation of having some of the worst community members in PC gaming, due in part to the vitriolic behavior most of the players portray. At least Riot Games is aware of how bad it is, and has been looking to make an example out of the biggest offenders, all of which so far have been high profile eSports players.

Riot’s latest swing of the ban hammer struck two EU competitive players, Ilyas Hartsema/mouz enVision and Damien Lorthios/aAa Linak. Both of these players have had their accounts permanently banned from the game for toxic behavior, and are also banned from participating in the LCS league for a year, effective immediately. In Hartsema’s case, he had been reported numerous times to the Tribunal for Offensive Language, Verbal Abuse, and Negative Attitude, and had been reported in 29% of his total matches, putting him in the top 0.06% of offenders in EU. Lorthios was no slouch in the douchebagery department himself, with his report rating effecting 20% of his total matches, placing him in the same 0.06% as Hartsema. Lorthios has also been reported as having similar behavior outside of the game.

The evidence listed by Riot is pretty staggering, and shows the number of times each player had been punished previously for their actions and behavior, as well as other tidbits. The Tribunal originally voted to punish the two offenders, which Riot approved after reviewing the mountain of evidence.

This action follows their banning of another eSports player last December, Christian Rivera/IWillDominate, who had a harassment score that put him in the top 0.7% of NA players. Riot has been taking action in improving the overall community, and has been specifically targeting competitive LoL gamers to serve as an example. The ultimate goal is to have the eSports community “represent the principles of good sportsmanship and clean play” rather than serve as an example of the negative image the game has attained.

Hopefully these actions have the desired effect, as I’d really like to be able to hop back on the game without having to worry about dealing with asshats in every single match.

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