Starcraft 2 mod brings back Warcraft 3 nostalgia



The original Warcraft games have been pretty influential in their own right. Warcraft III alone set the standard for how RTS games are done, and it even spawned a new game genre in the form of the Defense of the Ancients mod. Though some players agree that it’s been a very long time since the series has gone back to its RTS roots, and it will probably be an even longer time before Blizzard even considers the idea.

That would be where the developers of the Warcraft: A New Dawn mod for Starcraft 2 come in. The mod is being designed as a full HD facelift of Warcraft III, bringing back the classic medieval style combat into the sci-fi oriented game. Players will be able to control the Alliance or the mighty Horde as they battle it out for map dominance.

Those who remember the classic title will recognize all the features in the works, such as the use of Heroes and creep mobs to gain resources off of. The mod will also add some new features as well, such as an amped up day/night cycle, respawning creeps that become stronger each time you kill them, and accompanying weather changes that affect the landscape.

Recently, the developers of the mod posted a demo video showing what they’ve accomplished so far. As this is still a work in progress, a lot of things are still being worked on, and some Starcraft assets still show through where there should be Warcraft ones, particularly the interface. Still, what is present no doubt looks spectacular, and the mod has potential in providing a strong replacement for an official Warcraft RTS game. You can catch the video demo below.


Has this mod got you itching for a Warcraft 4 yet?

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