CES: Digital Storm, custom rigs to the Extreme!

Digital-Storm-LogoDuring CES 2013 we had a chance to meet up with Digital Storm and look at their latest custom rig you will ever need, the ARES. Walking into the sweet in the Trump Tower you couldn’t help but stop in your tracks and say, “What the hell is that?” This is a gamer’s absolute dream, if you can afford it. Like a finely tailored suite or expensive hyper car, this PC is probably at the top of the “do want list.”

Digital Store is very proud to have everything in the rig built in-house, using nothing but high-end parts specified by the buyer. This new system is set to come out some time in March with a starting price tag of $5,000. What you get for your money is a few notches up from the norm. The rig can be set up with water cooling that uses not rubber tubing, but copper tubing. The buyer can request any type of setup, from multiple SSD drives, GPUs, CPUs, driver set ups and all. And just in case you are wondering, yes it will run Crysis. The case is super quite and super cool, as in temperature cool, with more than ten fans available for cooling.


The next system we looked at was the Bold! Even with its small form factor it sports full desktop power. This true one-of-a-kind system can come in array of colors, custom paint job & graphics, and remote control LEDs. This PC looks so cool I don’t think even Xzibit would know what else to pimp it out with. Unlike most small form factor PCs, this one is upgradeable, allowing the user to upgrade the video card, SSD, RAM, and so on.


I’ve purchased a custom system in my day and built my own rigs before, but I have to say that Digital Storm really impressed me not just with what they can create, but with the high level of customer service they offer.

For more info, you can visit digitalstormonline.com.

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