Ghost in the Shell gets a new series to ‘Arise’

Ghost in the shell major Motoko batou  tachikoma

Ghost in the Shell is a classic anime film that has helped the medium rise in popularity back in 1995. A sequel and two TV series have been released so far. Now fans should be excited to hear that a new Ghost in the Shell series is coming in 2013 called Ghost in the Shell: Arise.

Not much is known about the series other than Kise Kazuchika (Blood: The Last Vampire, Dennou Coil, Evangelion, and previous Ghost in the Shell projects) will be directing and Ubukata Tow, creator of Mardock Scramble, will be writing the story.

I still remember taking one of my friends to watch Ghost in the Shell: Innocence in theaters. A crash course for a guy who isn’t into anime and watching a very philosophical film in Japanese with English subtitles can be jarring.

Source: Twitchfilm

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