CES: Mimoco making it easy to carry around Elvis and MLP

At CES 2013 Mimoco announced the next upcoming additions to the Mimoco line up for 2013.


Their big announcement was that an Elvis version will be made including a Limited Edition Army with only about 1000 being made. Both versions will be released in the next month or so. As always the USB comes in 8GB, 16, and 32GB and filled with images and other bonuses featuring the King of Rock and Roll.


Another two surprises  they had in store will make some cartoon fans. Last year right before Comic 2012 Mimoco announced the Adventure Time X Mimobots featuring Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum which almost sold out at Comic-Con which also featured 8GB-32GB USB sticks and a Limited Edition Fiona which sold out immediately and was only a Comic-Con exclusiveo, so you can also add BMO (Beemo) to your collection very soon.


The other surprise willl make the Bronies happy. Three different characters will be made sometime in Q2. Fans of My Little Pony will be able to carry around their favorite character in the form of a USB stick filled with My Little Pony goodies.

It’s early in the year so we can except plenty more of your favorite characters becoming your new favorite usb sticks to take with you anywhere.

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