CES: Turtle Beach bringing it to Major League Gaming with new peripherals

Turtle beach is well known in the gaming community for gaming headsets. It has a vast set of options which includes wireless and wired headsets made for multiple consoles and other devices. Over the last year or two I’ve gotten a chance to use some of the wireless headsets and I’ve been very impressed, but every year the sound quality and designs just get better. At this year’s CES there were dozens of headphones, with some made specifically for gaming. There were a few from Turtle Beach that caught my gaming attention, including a collaboration with Major League Gaming. IMG_9604 Turtle Beach is releasing a new line of gaming headsets working together with Major League Gaming to create the XPSeven and the ZSeven, the new official headsets of MLG. While the XPSeven is made for Xbox 360 it can be used for the PC, and the ZSeven is made for the PC/Mac. Both offer some amazing sound quality. While playing fifteen minutes of Black Ops II, you could hear everything around you, giving you an edge on your opponent’s location. Turtle Beach is also releasing the MSeven, which is made for Mobile gaming with tablets, handhelds, and phones. They aren’t cheap, since the MSeven retails for $149.95, the ZSeven retails for $249.99, and the XPSeven goes for $279.99. Each Seven model comes with customizable ear plates.

Customizable Presets Configure personalized presets to optimize game, chat and mic audio for different gaming situations. Dolby Surround Sound Immersive 360 degree audio lets you pinpoint the direction of every sound.
Programmable Control Unit Provides unparalleled audio customization with on-the-fly preset switching, independent game and chat volumes, a programmable control knob and more. Separate Chat and Game Presets Configure up to 9 different presets for game and chat/mic audio paths for complete control of your audio environment.Immersive 360 degree audio lets you pinpoint the direction of every sound.
Adjustable Surround Sound Angles Alter the positioning of the surround sound angles to customize your audio experience. Sonic Lens™ + Sound Field Expander Widen or narrow the sound field to focus on sound cues that are difficult to hear like enemy footsteps.
Voice Morphing Disguise your voice by changing the sound from deep lows to screeching highs. Ear Guard with Blast Limiter Limits the intensity of deafening sounds like explosions and gunfire.
Sonic Silencers Eliminate background noise on your mic and online chat. Dynamic Chat Boost Chat volume automatically increases as the game volume gets louder.
Digital Optical Connection Delivers the highest quality of digital surround sound. Auxiliary Input Connect a mobile phone or digital audio player while gaming.
True 5.1 Channel USB Surround Sound with PC or Mac Experience 5.1 channel game audio on PC or Mac through USB interface. Interchangeable Speaker Plates  Customize the look and feel of your headset with the ability to swap speaker plates.
Separate Game and Chat USB Channels on PC or Mac Separate audio channels on PC/Mac let you individually control chat and game sound levels.

IMG_9605 The Ear Force TM1 – Tournament Mixer was shown. It’s an audio mixer that can be used for closed chats for teammates and a coach for up to 6 people. It also can be used as an audio mixer for broadcast streaming. It’s pretty useful allowing for two mixers to be connected together along with a pretty small size and abilities make this great for anyone looking to hold tournaments and streams at an affordable price at $199.00 on the Turtle Beach website. It was also created working with Major League Gaming, so you can expect to see it in the MLG tournament scene and other scenes. No release date yet but when it release I plan on picking one up as an alternative to what is out on the market.

6 Player Team Communication Allows up to 6 teammates to connect and chat with one another. Designed for a five man team with a coach, or a 6 man team. Closed Network Chat Provides a zero latency chat experience so there is no delay when communicating with your teammates.
Versus Mode (3 vs. 3) Divides the mixer into two distinct networks. This allows for the use of just one mixer at small scale events providing two separate closed chat networks of up to 3 users in each channel. External Link Combine two Tournament Mixers to extend the closed chat network for a total of 12 players.
Broadcast Output  Lets you connect the Tournament Mixer to a broadcast mixer for shout casters and production teams to easily broadcast and mix in the Tournament’s chat network with their live stream or audio feed from the event. External Power Plug the Tournament Mixer into an AC outlet to provide enough power through all of your available USB ports for up to 6 amplified headsets.
3.5 mm, 4 pole Output Lets you connect your favorite headphones so you’re part of the action. Independent Volume Controls Individual controls for personalized balancing of game, chat, and mic audio.
Microphone Noise Gate Adjustable noise gate control lets you eliminate distracting background noises your mic may pick up on the tournament floor.

You can head over to the Turtle Beach website to get more information on their upcoming releases

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