Interview with Brizzy Voices, cutesy impersonator extraordinaire

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Here’s what you need to know about Brizzy Voices. She’s adorkable and does a lot of different impersonations from cartoons and video games like Pokemon, Rugrats, Mass Effect, Disney films, My Little Pony, and the list goes on. One of her Pokemon videos has already reached over 6 million YouTube views, and her YouTube channel has over 12 million views total. I recently had a chance to talk to the lovely Brizzy Voices, and yes, she does sound adorable in real life.

John Nguyen: Hi Brizzy. How’s it going?

Brizzy Voices: I’m great! How are you?

Doing good! So yeah I’ve been checking out your many impersonations on YouTube, and I think it’s amazing.


You’ve done a recent voice sample of female Shepherd (Mass Effect). Are you big fan of Mass Effect?

No, I haven’t played it at all actually. I don’t have any consoles to play it on.

You don’t have any consoles?

I just have the Nintendo stuff.

Do you have a favorite voice that you just love to do?

It would be Jiggly Puff. That’s my go-to voice.

Do fans recognize you outside of YouTube on the streets?

No, not yet. I haven’t been stopped. The closest would probably be meeting someone, and then a couple minutes later they would be like, “You look like that girl on YouTube.” But no, I’ve never been stopped.

Unless you do the voices. They’ll probably think you’re the voice actors that did those actual characters.

That’s the thing that comes with being a voice actress, you have this invisibility. Yet if you want to be known, you can be.

Have you been asked to do video game voice work?

I’ve been asked to do some stuff for online video game projects and animation projects, but nothing big yet. It would be awesome to work for TV cartoons, movies or video games.

And if you had to choose between TV, movies or video games, which one would you choose.

I’d probably choose cartoons on TV like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

What’s your favorite Nickelodeon cartoon?

Probably Rugrats.

As for video games, I think it’s much more grueling work, but it seems amazing and challenging acting wise.

So what makes it so grueling?

There are so many lines and so many ways to do those lines. There’s a lot of screaming involved. It’s just a lot more rough on your voice in general.

I know what you’re talking about; for example, each character has to have a certain set of yells in the game. But that sounds fun.

Yes, but when you’re doing this for several hours, it’s going to hurt.

You wouldn’t do that if they came up and say, “Hey, you want to be the next Mass Effect game?”

I would do that in a second if I had a choice. The game is cinematic and touching. The story feels powerful, and that would be an amazing thing to work on. I don’t know, since I mostly play Nintendo. Most of those games don’t really have voice actors.

You recently went on a trip to Europe. Can you tell us about that?

I studied abroad in Madrid for four months. I’m usually studying at New York University, but I wanted to study Spanish, literature and climate changes.

Is voice work the main thing you want to do?

I’m a theater major. Originally I wanted to be a screen actor on film, but then I realize that voice acting exists. So I think I will be focusing on that for a while, but I still want to do on-screen acting.

What about motion capture?

Oh yeah, like Andy Serkis in Lord of the Rings.

Speaking of Andy Serkis, have you seen the Hobbit?

I just saw it a couple of days ago actually. It is incredible.

Isn’t it disappointing how small his role is in that movie?

Yeah, the whole time I was thinking, “Where is Gollum?” I thought he had a bigger role.

Have you impersonated Gollum’s voice?

I have played around with it after seeing the movie, but not much.

[does Gollum’s voice]

Is doing male voices hard for you?

It’s so difficult. I’m a lot better at female cutesy voices. It’s probably disappointing because most of the request I get are male. People are like, “Come on, do Morgan Freeman,” and I’m like, “I am a girl.” I can’t do that because I have female vocal parts.

Do you have any tips for anyone else who wants to do voice impersonations?

It’s all about listening to the pitch. As for voice acting impersonation as a whole, it is more about the acting. Don’t worry about being able to make a funny voice; just learn how to act.

It was a pleasure talking to you.

Thank you.

Check out her different channels below.


Brizzy is represented by Big Frame.

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