FFXIV A Realm Reborn beta signups are live

FFXIV Beta signups

With the imminent release of the reboot for Final Fantasy XIV around the corner, Square Enix has finally opened up beta sign-ups for all those who wish to take part. Fellow North American gamers can access their region’s sign-up page here, while our European comrades can fill their respective form out here.

Along with the beta sign-ups, SE also released the opening cinematic that the game will have, which comprises of the ending sequence for the original game that resulted in the cosmic reset button being hit. The latter half of the trailer is brand new, showing off many familiar faces, bosses such as Odin, and of course, chocobos riding freely across the open plains. You can see the trailer below.


It’s no surprise that SE is banking a lot on the success of the reboot, as the original release of the game bombed pretty horribly, so much so that the development team had to be switched around and the entire thing had to be rebuilt from the ground up. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that the fate of the Final Fantasy series hangs on the success of A Realm Reborn, though the fact that SE is actually making¬†Final Fantasy XIII-3 doesn’t bode well.

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