EPIX App coming to PlayStation 3 & Vita

EPIXEPIX has been branching out to every media device possible. You can get the EPIX app on iOS, Android, Google TY, XBOX, and many others. The app will be available in the 1 quarter of 2013 for both PS3 and Vita and will be a free download, since it will tie to your cable, dish, or local telecommunications provider. This new app will give PlayStation users access to a catalog of over 3,000 titles as well as EPIX’s original programming such as concerts, comedy, and sporting events.

While I think it’s great that the PlayStation 3 and Vita will get this new app, it sucks that you still need to have a subscription from cable or dish. This would be better if you could purchase the app or subscription directly to the console. Still if you have a Vita at least you will be able to stream movies on the go.

Source: EPIX

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