Dead Space 3 early preview event

One game in 2013 that I am really looking forward to in 2013 is Dead Space 3, a game that combines horror, suspense, and action. It’s the perfect game to play in those dark nights when you want to feel trapped in space.

IMG_9533Right before Christmas a special event was held. If you followed the Dead Space Facebook page, they offered Southern Californians a chance to play the game in Santa Monica before the release of the game in February. A group of lucky fans, including myself, got to play a bit of the main story of Dead Space 3 on the Xbox 360 which included getting to play the co-op and using the Kinect.


We got a chance to discuss the game with Ian Milham and Yara Khoury about the development of the game, the addition of Kinect, how the series has changed and expanded over the years, and the removal of the online multiplayer they used in Dead Space 2 in exchange for the Drop-in/Drop-out Co-op.

The Drop system used for the game allows Isaac to be joined by another player anytime as well as giving them the option to leave at anytime in the main scenario. The team decided it was better for them to focus on something else other than an online battle, which series like Halo, Call of Duty, and others do very well.

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The gameplay itself is great; I don’t need to give away too much, since it was a smaller demo and you can go down and see some of the action in the videos. The game is everything you loved in the first two titles and more. The kicker is the weapon customization. You can find blue prints or create your own by using what you have on hand to create some pretty creative fusions with your arsenal, and that was just with some starter weapons. Dead Space 3 also gives you the ability to share your blueprints with your friends online, but you still need to do the work yourself.

It already seems like a game worth playing. If you liked both Dead Space 1 and 2, then Dead Space 3 is already a game you want to play as the team made sure to keep everything that made the first two games popular.

Possible spoilers ahead.

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