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What if this iPhone 6 design was the answer to what a lot of Apple and non-Apple enthusiasts have been waiting for? The iPhone 5 is just shy of being 4 months old. Mixed with heavy reviews and an industry leaning toward the blockbuster Samsung S III phone, it’s no surprise that the turn of the new year has brought a flurry of rumors about an expected upgrade named the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and even the iPhone 7, in development and ready to be shipped by as early as June of this year!

Let’s face the facts and settle the dust down of those new year goals we hope to see fulfilled. It takes months for an anticipated phone to be box ready. Be well aware that companies, most definitely including Apple, just don’t get into a board meeting with their engineers and say, “Alright, the iPhone 5 is out on shelves right now, let’s move forward with the next one people.” Companies are well into the design and testing phases before a new product hits the shelves. We can all expect a new iPhone to come out, but what will it look like, feel like in our hands, and the most important question of all – will it be light-years’ ahead of what we hope and dream of or just another speed bump we’ve seen too many times before?

Designed by Antoine Briex for NAK Studio, this iPhone 6 design is shorter than the Samsung Galaxy S III but still with a bigger screen than the S III, has an enhanced ergonomic design, and an all around concept that outdoes what the iPhone 5 brought to the table.

If you like smartphones, expect CES 2013 to be a bit of a tease. However companies will be holding out for next month’s The Mobile World Congress where a ton of new releases will be showcased. Don’t hold your breath just yet, no one in the industry expects any news of an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S IV. Time will tell.

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