Demon’s Souls coming to PSN


Dark Souls is a blast to play, and the masochist in everyone is no doubt excited for Dark Souls II. What could be better? ATLUS announcing that the original Demon’s Souls will be available to download off of Playstation Network as soon as the 8th of this month, apparently.

The predecessor to Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls brought back the idea of brutally challenging yet supremely rewarding gameplay for this console generation, and was only available on the PS3. ATLUS is now bringing it to the PSN as a downloadable title, and will be available next week for $20. To celebrate the occasion, the company will be setting a Pure White tendency event for the game, causing enemies to be weaker, and players to become stronger. This will allow those new to the game, or those that need a refresher, to have an easier time learning the ropes. The event will last for a week starting from release, going until Jan. 14.

If you’re looking to find where all the hype for the Souls games originally came from, then this would be a good chance to investigate the source of it. Just be sure to have a stress relief toy on hand, and maybe pad your floor so that you’ll have something to safely throw your controller at.

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