The Top 10 Most Pirated Films of 2012

hbo-headerIt’s that time again; time to look back on the year that was 2012 and see which were the best and worst. Everybody and their mama are looking at the Top 10 of this year, and today we look at the Top 10 Most Pirate Movies of 2012.

2012 was a big year for movies. Two of the biggest comic book movies, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, met their highest anticipated climate this year. It should be interesting to see who is number one. The nice people over at Torrent Freak has tallied the downloads, including handy-cam quality videos, and have come up with this year’s winner.

Drum roll please…

pirated 2012…and there you have it. Your Number #1 most downloaded film of 2012 is Project X.

This is somewhat surprising considering Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises were the biggest box-office draw this year. Both films have grossed over $1 Billion dollars. While Project X barely grossed over $100 million. Another interesting nerd-related side note, Amazing Spider-Man is noticeably missing from the Top 10. I find this interesting because the film was the only other comic book adaptation scheduled for this summer and it grossed over $700 million. Easily out-grossing the number #2 most downloaded movie of 2012, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (The movie barely brought in over $100 million). Also, where is The Hunger Games? The film out-grossed Ghost Protocol and was widely considered the first big hit of the summer. Was there just not enough demand for the film? Or did the studios do a good job of keeping illegal copies off the net?


I don’t know

Another interesting note I wanted to make; it seems this year out-grossed last year’s list by over 3 billion dollars. The only blockbuster to break the billion dollar mark last year was the final chapter in the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2. Both The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises passed the billion dollar mark this summer, and that does not include sales from Blu-rays. No film in this year’s list failed to pass the 100 million dollar mark in total gross. I think it is fair to say it was a good year for movies. It was also a good year for piracy. This year’s downloads surpassed last year’s by almost 10 million.

I’m not sure what information we can take away from looking at these numbers. There are certainly a lot of variables to consider, but it is always interesting to know and you can be sure that we will do a point on it next year. So there you have it. your 2012 #1 Top Downloaded Movie is Project X.

Source: Torrent Freak

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